School User Privacy Policy

As a school user of Appropriate Body services, we will use information that we gather from you for various purposes. Information that we hold in relation to individuals is known as their “personal data”. This will include data that we obtain from the individual directly and data about the individual that we obtain from other people and organisations. We might also need to continue to hold an individual’s personal data for a period of time after Appropriate Body services have ceased (this is usually a period of 6 years). Anything that we do with an individual’s personal data is known as “processing”.

This policy sets out what personal data we will hold about individuals, why we process that data, who we share this information with, and the rights of individuals in relation to their personal data processed by us.

What information do we process in relation to school users? We may collect, hold, share or otherwise use the following information about school users: • personal information (such as name, address, home and mobile numbers, personal email address, place of work, role)

Where do we get information from about school users? A lot of the information we have about individuals comes from the individuals themselves. However, we may also obtain information from schools. In addition, we may obtain information from automated monitoring of our websites and other technical systems.

Why do we use this information? We will process the personal data individuals for the following reasons:

  1. Where we are required by law, including: • To comply with the law regarding data sharing • To comply with legal requirements in relation to equalities and non-discrimination • To ensure student and staff safety

  2. Where the law otherwise allows us to process the personal data, or we are carrying out a task in the public interest, including: • To enable the development of a comprehensive picture of the school workforce and how it is deployed • To inform the development of recruitment and retention policies • To safeguard our pupils and other individuals • To ensure safe working practices • In the interests of ensuring equal opportunities and treatment

  3. Where we otherwise have the consent of the individual

Whilst the majority of processing of personal data of individuals will not require consent, we will inform individuals if their consent is required and seek that consent before any processing takes place.

Who will we share information with about school users? • The Department for Education and/or the Teaching Regulation Agency, in compliance with legal obligations of the Teaching School Hub to provide information about school users as part of statutory data collections. • Our facilitators and consultants, such as QA consultants and report assessors • A user’s school/employer

The Department for Education may share information that we are required to provide to them with other organisations. For further information about the Department’s data sharing process, please visit: Contact details for the Department can be found at

Rights of individuals in relation to their personal data All individuals have the right to request access to personal data that we hold about them. To make a request for access to their personal data, individuals should contact the TMET Data Protection Lead (contact details given at end of this notice).

Please also refer to the TMET Data Protection Policy for further details on making requests for access to individual information.

Individuals also have the right, in certain circumstances, to: • Object to the processing of their personal data • Have inaccurate or incomplete personal data about them rectified • Restrict processing of their personal data • Object to the making of decisions about them taken by automated means • Have their data transferred to another organisation • Claim compensation for damage caused by a breach of their data protection rights

If an individual wants to exercise any of these rights then they should contact the TMET Data Protection Lead. The law does not oblige TMET to comply with all requests. If TMET does not intend to comply with the request, then the individual will be notified of the reasons why in writing.

Concerns If an individual has any concerns about how we are using their personal data, then we ask that they contact the TMET Data Protection Lead in the first instance. However an individual can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office should they consider this to be necessary, at


If a school has any concern regarding the AB Service offered which can’t be resolved through contact with the Teaching School Hub, they can be raised with the TMET Trust Complaints Team:, 0116 2143148 TMET, The Mead Centre, 343 Gipsy Lane, Leicester LE4 9DD. Full complaints policy can be found here

Conflict of Interest Mitigation and Management

There are circumstances where the Leicester and Leicestershire Teaching School Hub cannot act as an appropriate body for an ECT. This is to avoid a possible conflict of interest in passing the ECT’s induction. The Leicestershire Teaching School Hub recognises that,

• it may not act as the appropriate body in relation to an institution in respect of any teacher who has been assessed by that teaching school as meeting the specified standards for the purposes of the award of qualified teacher status. In this instance, Leicestershire Secondary SCITT is the accredited Provider of QTS not the Leicestershire Teaching School Hub.

• it cannot be the appropriate body for an ECT whom it employs, or who has served any part of their induction at that school. In this instance, the Leicestershire Teaching School Hub does not act as the appropriate body for ECTs at Rushey Mead Academy as the designation of the Teaching School Hub is through Rushey Mead Academy. For those ECTs we signpost the school to the appropriate body service offered through the Leicestershire and Rutland Teaching School Hub.

• where an ECT makes an appeal against decisions schools are making regarding their progress through induction but before final assessment, their appeal will be referred to an appropriate body panel comprising of

Leicestershire and Rutland Teaching School Hub Northamptonshire Teaching School Hub - Home Pathfinder Teaching School Hub – Ryedale | Scarborough | York (

To mitigate against any conflict of interest Leicester and Leicestershire Teaching School Hub will ensure that the ECT has not completed any part of their induction or employment with the appropriate bodies mentioned above.

This approach to conflict of interest mitigation and management has been taken in line with the details of what constitutes a conflict of interest for a TSH offering AB services found here

Contact If you would like to discuss anything in this privacy notice, please contact the TMET Data Protection Officer:

Cathy Brown
Data Protection Lead & Director of Governance The Mead Educational Trust The Mead Centre 343 Gipsy Lane Leicester LE4 9DD

0116 214 3148